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Faith - northernlass49

Chapter 15

Jon’s boot hit the floor with a thud. As he was peeling off his shirt to reveal to reveal his lean, muscled torso, Sansa turned to the young maid who stood nearby, waiting to scoop up the soiled clothing as it was discarded. She was behaving just a little too attentively for Sansa’s liking.

“Thank you, Dora”, she said sharply, “that will be all for now. You can collect Lord Snow’s clothing in the morning”.

Dora curtseyed and moved towards the door. But not before Sansa observed the girl giving Jon an appreciative sidelong glance as he began to unlace his breeches.

She’s a bold one, thought Sansa. It’s just as well that Jon pays no heed to the interest he engenders in much of the female population of Winterfell.

She shook her head and poured the lavender oil into the hot, steaming water just as Jon slid into the tub. He leaned back and closed his eyes as Sansa lathered up her hands with the bar of soap. She knelt down and began working her fingers through his hair as he relaxed languidly with his arms resting on the edges of the tub.

She instructed him to lean forward while she poured a basin of water over his head to rinse out the soap and then applied the oil to the palms of her hands. She worked her fingers through his hair once more in an effort to tame his tangle of curls and then slid her oily fingers along his neck and powerful shoulders to massage his aching muscles. He groaned in appreciation.

She kissed the back of his neck before rising to remove her dressing gown, leaving her naked. Then she stepped gingerly into the tub to join him.

“You smell so much better now”, she purred as she slid her hands across his chest. She could feel the laughter bubbling inside him.

“Are you going to make me bathe each and every time I return after riding Viserion?” he enquired as he caressed her cheek.

She smiled coquettishly and turned on her back so that she rested along his body with her head on his shoulder.

“Only when I invite you into my bed”, she replied with a sigh. He chuckled and nuzzled her neck. Then he reached down to tease her pink nipples and stroke her inner thigh. She could feel him growing hard against her lower back as she spread her legs to give him access.

“We won’t make it to the bed if you continue your wanton ways in the water”, he growled into her ear.

“I don’t care”, she replied dreamily as he move his hand up and found her clit. He circled it with just enough pressure to elicit noises of pleasure from Sansa. He gently bit and soothed her neck while stroking her nipples until she moaned and cried out when she reached her peak.

The water swished as she turned in the bath once more to reach between his legs, to touch and rub the spots that always wrung the loudest groans from him. She nipped and sucked as she worked her way across his chest. He closed his eyes, breathing heavily while her fingers relentlessly stroked his length and downwards.

When she felt he was close to his limit she mounted him, mewling softly as he entered her. He buried his face between her breasts as she leaned forward to take him fully. Then, with the water churning around them, she began to ride him. He matched her rhythm and soon they were moving and breathing as one. Within minutes he was spilling inside of her as they shuddered together.

They sat entwined until Sansa finally dismounted and rose up. She climbed out of the tub with Jon following her, sending droplets to the stone floor. She stood and shivered in the cooler air until Jon wrapped the flannel sheet around them both. Then they dried each other off before the crackling fire burning in the hearth.

He poured wine for both of them before they clambered on to the bed and covered themselves with the furs.

Sansa took a sip and then leaned back against the pillows.

“Sam says that Torrhen is much improved. His eyes are brighter and his colour is better. This evening he fed like one possessed and he didn’t heave up any milk, not one little drop”, she reported with satisfaction.

Jon took her hand and kissed her fingertips.

“That’s the best news I have had all day”, he murmured.

“Nevertheless, Sam says he will still spend tonight in the nursery just in case Torrhen takes a turn for the worse”, she added.

Sansa turned on her side, her arm propping up her head.

“And you…” she asked. “Were you successful today?”

“Aye”, he replied. “With Viserion’s keener eyesight they are becoming easier to spot. We usually find them in clusters in isolated areas where people have died alone and unmourned with nobody left to burn the bodies”.

“When will you be leaving to join Daenerys and Aegon?” she asked anxiously.

He reached out to touch her face and smooth her hair.

“Likely within a week…they intend to fan out west along the border where the wall once stood, concentrating their efforts near the remains of Eastwatch and Castle Black. Once I reach them I will take a portion of their troops southwards towards Winterfell to shore up our defenses”.

Sansa’s heart soared at this news.

“So you’ll not stay with them the whole time?” she asked eagerly.

Jon shook his head.

“I will split my time between them and Winterfell, and parts in between. I can’t risk leaving our home unprotected by dragon fire for long… I have too much to lose, sweetheart”, he replied.

She hesitated before broaching the next subject.

“I had an interesting conversation with Daenerys before she left”, she began.

His turned to her showing some interest.

“She said that you promised to lead the northern forces south to aid her in her drive for the throne”, she continued. She swallowed. “In return, she pledged to let you rule the north for her”.

Jon snorted, laughed and shook his head.

“I wouldn’t put much faith in what Daenerys tells you, Sansa”, he explained.

“Why not?” she asked indignantly.

Jon looked at her indulgently.

“Because”, he replied softly, “she is quite mad”.


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