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Faith - northernlass49

Chapter 48

“What is the question you’ve been meaning to ask me?” queried Sansa sleepily as Jon gently deposited her on the bed. She rolled over on to one side to watch him unlace her shoes and drop them on the floor. He cursed under his breath as he fumbled untying the ribbon on one of her stockings so it ended up in a knot.

“What are you talking about?” he asked impatiently.

Sansa leaned down and skillfully unknotted the ribbon and rolled her stocking down her leg while Jon went to work on her other leg. Then she placed a bare foot against his chest as he reached for the stays on her gown.

“I overheard Val asking you if you had posed a certain question so stop ignoring me and ask away”, she said firmly. He stopped and looked up.

“It can wait until morning”, he replied with a huff. She leaned in to look him square in the eye.

“You’ll not get any further until I know what the two of you were discussing”, she said as she clutched at her gown. She could see him mulling it over before finally sitting down on the bed beside her.

“It’s ridiculous, really…” he began as turned towards her. “I already know what your answer will be so it’s pointless to even ask”.

She sat up and slipped a languid finger underneath his collar, running it along the back of his neck.

“Try me”, she whispered as she nuzzled him behind his ear. He sighed.

“Val was astonished that I have never offered to take you out dragon flying”, he finally confessed. “I told her that you hate the creatures and that you barely tolerate having me travel on their backs. But then she pointed out to me that I was denying you the one opportunity that most people will never experience in our world…to soar like a bird”.

Sansa sat back against the pillows and plucked at her gown. Jon crawled up to lie beside her.

“She’s a very perceptive woman”, said Sansa as she laid a hand on his belly. Jon picked up her hand and raised it to his lips.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to experience the sensation of flying, Sansa?” he asked as he kissed her fingertips.

Many times, she thought wistfully.

“Sometimes I would sit by the window of my room in the Red Keep and watch the seagulls as they dipped and soared over the waves to parts unknown. Other times I fantasized about becoming a fierce falcon with great talons so I could rip out Joffrey’s eyes before tearing at his throat”, she replied softly. “Once, when I was in the Eyrie, I dreamt that a great black raven came to snatch me up and carry me back to the safety of Winterfell”.

She shook her head and wiped away irritably at the tears that were forming in her eyes.

“I wanted to fly when I so desperately needed to escape whether it was from abuse at the hands of the Lannisters or unwanted groping from Petyr’s clammy hands”, she said as she slid down and burrowed against his side, taking in his warm scent of soap mingled with the leathers that he wore. She looked up.

“But I don’t dream of flying anymore because I am exactly where I want to be and with whom I want to be”, she said. He smiled down at her.

“The offer still stands if you change your mind”, he said.

“Right now I’m happy having both feet on the ground, even if the ground is covered in snow”, she said with a small smile. Then she sat up and began to unlace the stays on her bodice until Jon stilled her hands.

“We don’t have to, Sansa, if you’re plagued by bad memories”, he said hoarsely. She shook out her hair and gave him a cool, appraising look.

“Then I believe that you’re the perfect antidote for my acute case of melancholia, don’t you think?” she replied with a cheeky grin.

“Then come here, woman” he said with a growl as he yanked on her hips and pulled her flat on the bed. He assisted her in peeling off her layers of clothing, complaining about each and every garment as she threw them aside.

“It’s winter and I get cold in this drafty place”, she replied, shivering slightly before scrambling beneath the furs. She watched him through heavy-lidded eyes as he cast aside his clothes before joining her under the covers.

I wonder if Val ever regrets not persuading him to leave with her that night, she pondered silently.

He kissed her lips and left a trail of kisses along her neck and shoulders. She moaned in appreciation. Then he winked at her and slithered backwards until he disappeared under the furs.

“Jon?” she asked, puzzled at his behaviour.

“I don’t want you to get cold”, came his muffled reply.

“Jon, don’t be ridiculous”, she said as she could feel him prying her legs apart.

“Jon”, she said again, “did you hear me? Come out from under there before you suffocate”.

She gasped when she felt his lips probe her mound and found that hot button of desire. Oh gods, thought Sansa, I had almost forgotten what this could feel like. She gripped the furs tightly as his tongue circled her clit and his fingers stroked her inner thighs. Then he threw back the covers and peered up at her from between her legs.

“Sorry…did you say something?” he panted, his cheeks rosy and his hair in complete disarray.

“No”, she murmured as she closed her eyes in bliss. “Carry on”.


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